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Marko D. Mihovilovic Michael Schnuerch Jay Siegel
Marko D. Mihovilovic
Michael Schnürch
Jay Siegel
EuCheMS Head of the Organic Division

Dear Participants

Welcome to the 4th annual Young Investigators Workshop of the Organic Division of EuCheMs. This workshop is all about you and your place in the future generation of chemistry professors centered in Europe. The goal of this event is to unite you into a community of scholars, who will benefit from creating close ties and collaborations. Your respective chemical societies have selected you as particularly up and coming talents. You are considered by the senior members of the community to be on a path with potential to lead the field into the future. Please take advantage of this setting to make new contacts and strengthen old ones.

We hope that through your interactions and scientific exchanges new research collaborations will develop, international congresses will be organized and participation in international commissions will ensue. In short, you will transform from a local researcher into a global scholar, and make your print on the field.

Over these few years, the workshop has evolved such that the center remains in Europe but the perimeter now includes the US, South America and Asia. The future would likely include representatives of Canada and Africa. The opportunities to build a global perspective from a European vantage point are manifold.

Only a few of the senior who put their full support behind this program will be present at your meeting. This is out of respect for you to make this your meeting, your event. Those who are present are there to assist and advise you in any way they can. Ultimately, you will shape the outcome and evaluate the success for yourselves.

Ultimately, the beauty of science is that it transcends political and culture boundaries and allows us to make friends through a common pursuit. We hope you make many friends and memories during the workshop and enjoy interacting with your colleagues as well as through learning about their science.

All the best for your event and future career.

Jay, Marko and Michael

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